KWO Member Update: Dec 17, 2020



I’m writing to inform you that the KWO Executive has made the decision to cancel the 2020-21 hockey season. The last few months we worked hard to figure out how to have a season and secure ice times that are familiar to our regular schedule, however with the current restrictions we have been unable to do so.


The health and safety of our members is always our top priority.  While we realize that many of you were looking forward to getting back on the ice and having some normalcy in these trying times, with further restrictions anticipated we feel we have made the best decision.


With the recent roll out of the vaccine we are hopeful we can return to normal in the Fall.  Please watch for further emails and website updates on our restart and application process.


Have a safe and happy holiday,


Jason Gerger


KWO Hockey Club Inc.





KWO Members,


You all know that our return to hockey is uniquely challenging. We continue to prepare for our restart, but our game we love will look different this season and we want you to be prepared.. Below are some restrictions we MUST follow and our current expectations for the 2020 -2021 KWO hockey season. Be assured, however. that you will not be penalized if you decide not to play this season. If you played in the 2019-2020 season, you will have a guaranteed spot for the 2021-2022 season.


With the unknown number of participants, ice requirements are also unknown. It is difficult to tell you, today, how much it will cost to play. That being said, fees should not be higher than normal (pro-rated to amount of play). Once we have numbers, we can then figure out teams, ice time requirements, and a cost per player. We aren’t asking for money at this time we just need to know if you are playing or not. Once full registration is known, the league will determine our ice requirements and then pre-pay all fees to secure the ice times. October 25,2020 will be a deadline to sign up. Applications received after the 25th will be placed on a waiting list. For those of you that submitted your application at the end of last season or during the summer, we do ask that you re-confirm your intentions by email. No need to fill out another application.


As for teams, we will sort players into the teams they played on the previous season and make adjustments as needed to make 10-man roasters, if we are short players, we will pull from the waiting list. Any remaining waiting list players will be considered pool players and will be placed in their respective division. There will be NO stats this year. Instead, we will operate a well-run pick-up hockey league. NO stats.


Note that play will be restricted to Kitchener ice rinks only as we forfeited our Waterloo ice for the season.


Below are the rules as we know them today. They will most likely change further as we move forward but we want to give you as much information as possible, now, so you can make a decision if this season is a fit for you.




  1. 20 total participants– 18 players and 2 goalies.


City Rules

  1. Participants are to report to Door A (main front entrance) mostly dressedand enter and exit from Door A only. (Change into equipment at home or in your vehicle)


  1. Entry into the facility will be permitted 15 minutes prior to rental start time(To meet as a group at the entrance and go in together)


  1. Entry will be managed, and only those participating in the activity will be permitted into facility. No re-entry will be permitted.


  1. No additional spectators will be permitted.


  1. Players must wear masks in common areas, removing the mask is only permitted on the ice surface.


  1. Players must ensure physical distancing is maintained on the players benches.


  1. Dressing rooms will not be available, please use the assigned chair groupings for skate changing.


  1. Washrooms are available in the main lobby (rubber floor) for washroom use only. Changing/dressing is not permitted in the washrooms.


  1. Participants must bring their own filled water bottles. There will be limited bottle refilling stations open should participants needs to refill their bottles.


  1. Participants will enter and exit the ice surface from marked rink door closest to the chair grouping. Following the 50-minute ice rental period, the buzzer will sound, please leave the ice surface immediately. Ensure all equipment including pucks, cones, etc. are picked up in advance of the buzzer sounding to enable an immediate exit from the ice surface.


  1. Participants are to return to same chair and exit the arena and facility within 10 minutes of rental activity ending.Participants are to follow all facility floor marking and signage.


  1. Groups must be adequately equipped with their own first aid supplies. Management strongly recommends that CSA approved safety equipment including head, eye and facial protection are worn by all participants. For customer safety, street shoes/footwear are not permitted on the ice at any time.


  1. No participant shall spit, blow their nose freely or release any bodily fluid anywhere in the facility.





A 50-player limit per division.  This ‘bubble’ has to include FT and pool players, and no one can play in another division. One division model we’re considering is 10 FT on 4 teams, plus 10 assigned poolies in that division. 5 on 5 hockey, 4 spaced out guys on the bench No refs, no timekeeper, rink manages the on/off ice timing No face offs. No scrums use a “let him go mentality”, Goaltender covers the puck offense team clears the zone defending team breaks out.  No change rooms for players, but we are negotiating for goalies to be able to use a room.  Players would have to come dressed. We are hoping for a designated bathroom, Bring your own water, Bring your own bench towel, No spitting of water or saliva on the ice, Rules are asking for no close checking on the ice, we will have to manage that ourselves cannot enter rink sooner than 15    min before ice time, have to leave within 10 min without shower, recommended to bring minimal stuff including personal effects into the rink Ice time may be shortened a bit, as cities talk about ‘extra cleaning time’, that point will become clear through the fall as we book ice

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This league of hockey teams is for men 35 years of age and older, playing up to 2 games per week, approximately 45 games in total, from late September through March each year. There are currently 30 teams in 5 different divisions. Initial placement in a division is based on age, experience and ability and we try to fit each player to a division, and sometimes do so intra-season.   An important consideration for prospective new players – we are not set up to be a ‘learn to play’ league.   There is a minimum standard for skating ability and knowledge of the game, this being important for many reasons including player safety.


All games are local and are played Monday to Thursday evenings with game start times ranging from 6:30 to 10:30 pm, and Sunday 3:30 to 5:00 pm start times.


There are no slapshots allowed and body checking is prohibited. Each game is overseen by two referees.


More details about the league on the About Us page.

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