Covid-19 Update: March 15

KWO members, all remaining games in our schedule from March 16 through Final Night, March 24, are effectively cancelled as the cities have closed the arenas through April 5.   If we can work out something for a ‘final night’ type of event where ice is available to us in April, you’ll hear about it.   With this, we need all captains to submit their February and March pool usage sheet and pool money asap.    Please note, captains, that the option to drop off sheets or payment at the AUD kiosk is not available, as the AUD will be closed up until April 5. Please scan and email the sheet, and make an e-payment to our league mailbox.   Captains, we also need your cooperation in submitting the package of applications for next year that many of you have likely collected in anticipation of handing in at Final Night.   We will appreciate if you can mail those to Don Herner, drop off at his house mailbox, or drop off at Parkway Ford in the coming few weeks.  If necessary, wait till you hear from us that the AUD is reopened after April 5, as you could drop the package off at the kiosk and let us know of it is there.   Convenience for you is the key.   If there are players from whom you have not collected an application before handing it in, please ask them to get it to Don directly in the coming weeks.   Please remind all players that we will send out messages in advance of when payments are due on July 15.   Encourage the guys to sign up for FT, and if they change their mind on FT in July, that’s fine, it is not official till they have paid up.  Our hope and intent is to have as clear an understanding of numbers early in the summer as possible and to minimize the follow-up with last year’s guys that drains the time of several volunteers.


We’re all disappointed to lose the last of our hockey games for this season. Clearly the events are beyond our control.  Our best outcome is that none of our members, or their family, contract the virus and that the pandemic subsides in the coming weeks.  Protect yourself, recognize the risks and practice good habits and we’ll get through it.   I’ll hope many of you can join us at the AGM in June.


Further updates will follow over the coming weeks.

Chris Gehan


KW Oldtimers Hockey Club, Inc.


(H) 519-894-1985

(C) 519-590-9444


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This league of hockey teams is for men 35 years of age and older, playing up to 2 games per week, approximately 45 games in total, from late September through March each year. There are currently 30 teams in 5 different divisions. Initial placement in a division is based on age, experience and ability and we try to fit each player to a division, and sometimes do so intra-season.   An important consideration for prospective new players – we are not set up to be a ‘learn to play’ league.   There is a minimum standard for skating ability and knowledge of the game, this being important for many reasons including player safety.


All games are local and are played Monday to Thursday evenings with game start times ranging from 6:30 to 10:30 pm, and Sunday 3:30 to 5:00 pm start times.


There are no slapshots allowed and body checking is prohibited. Each game is overseen by two referees.


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