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Covid – 19 Protocols Updated Oct 25, 2021, Posted under Health and Safety


Update: Sept 15, 2021


As you can imagine we have had many meetings in the past few weeks and since the Aug 31, 2021 Application deadline:


Here are some answers to the primary questions:


Probable Start Date: ​October 18
# of Divisions: ​5 Divisions
# of Teams per Division: ​4 teams in A and B, 6 teams in C, D, E
# of Players per Team: ​A, B, C will run as normal, D, E will start the season with 10 skaters per team
Probable Draft Date: ​Drafts can start anytime and must be complete by Oct 1
Any change to Ice Times: ​This is still being discussed but members can expect our normal days and times with some changes


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This league of hockey teams is for men 35 years of age and older, playing up to 2 games per week, approximately 45 games in total, from late September through March each year. There are currently 30 teams in 5 different divisions. Initial placement in a division is based on age, experience and ability and we try to fit each player to a division, and sometimes do so intra-season.   An important consideration for prospective new players – we are not set up to be a ‘learn to play’ league.   There is a minimum standard for skating ability and knowledge of the game, this being important for many reasons including player safety.


All games are local and are played Monday to Thursday evenings with game start times ranging from 6:30 to 10:30 pm, and Sunday 3:30 to 5:00 pm start times.


There are no slapshots allowed and body checking is prohibited. Each game is overseen by two referees.


More details about the league on the About Us page.

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