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‘Original Five’

We had a significant page in our 2017-18 Player Handbook where we identified five 'original' members of KW Oldtimers Hockey.   These fellow members took to the ice in the inaugural

2018 “D” Division 3rd Place Finish — D1

Back row: Sean Sawa, Steve Derbecker, Steve Williams, Brent Heard, Scott Webb, Rich Setler, Rod Laughlin, Marc Blanchette Middle row: Doug Cameron, John Donald, Jamie Gormley, Pat Fisher, Corey Bechtel Front:    Wade

B1 2018 Team Picture

The B1 team is a mixed bag of characters that never deserved any penalties and put more shots into the goalie or wide of the net. We made all the

Jim McLean – Fundraiser

Jim McLean, a B division pool player and former serviceman, would appreciate your support for a fundraising event.  Jim works with an organization named "Portraits of Honor" (www.portraitsofhonour.ca).   The group

B1 – 2017

First row:(left to right) Harold Stoveld, Dan Stashuk, Doug Ireland, Don Culp, Paul Felhaber, Mike Rennie, Bruce Martins Back row-left to right: Kevin Brazier, Mike Franck, Geoff Little, Ed Kroetsch, Don Creed, Kevin