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John Hanson

Email: kwoldtimer@kwoldtimers.ca

Past President

Jason Gerger

Email: jasongee@hotmail.ca

Phone: 519-465-0427

1st Vice President

Mike O’Connell

Email: mhiko14@yahoo.ca

Phone: 519-830-3556


Rick Shanahan

Email: rickshan99@gmail.com


Pat Fioravanti

Email: pfioravanti@gmail.com

Ice Scheduling
Membership & Handbooks
Jerseys and Sportswear
Health & Safety
K-W Tournament Chair
Communications and Website
Donations Chair

Disciplinary Committee Chair

Referee Scheduling


Time Keepers

Bruce Eberhardt
Don Herner
Barry Luft
Dave Gillies
Rob Janecki
Mike Pollard
Mike Palmer
Mike O’Connell

Dan Stashuk

Peter Hughes

Steve Holst

Dave Coslovich

A Division Convener
B Division Convener
C Division Convener
D Division Convener
E Division Convener

Mike O’Connell  mhiko14@yahoo.ca
Rick Shanahan   rickshan99@gmail.com
Chris Gehan  chrisgehan@outlook.com
Doug Cameron  dc.cameron@execulink.com

Jeremy Reed   jeremyreed@rogers.com

Committee Members: (non- Director positions)


Tournament Committee

Tournament Committee

Disciplinary Committee (Pres)

Disciplinary Committee (Ref in Chief)

Disciplinary Committee

Referee Tech Advisor


Ernie Kuenzler

Ron Walder

John Hanson

Rob Janecki

Dan Stashuk

Peter Hughes

Craig Herner (Ultimate Vision)