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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Yearly Timeline for the Club?


End of month season generally begins.

  • Games are played Sunday to Thursday with start times generally 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM (3:30 PM to 5:30 PM on Sunday).
  • On average two games per team per week are played.
  • There are usually no games played during the Christmas break.
  • Around 40 regular season games are played through the beginning of March.
  • Five playoff games are then played in March.
  • One final game, bragging rights only, is played based on the playoff round-robin standings.


Applications for the next year are distributed and then collected by the team captains by Final Night, including waiver form and cheque where applicable, though the league will set a payment deadline and e-transfers are preferred.


Application deadline is July 15th for returning players, new players will be taken on as space permits.


  • Player’s cheques are cashed and/or Interac e-Transfer is due.
  • Teams are drafted.


Target date for release of the schedule, subject to all divisions being set for teams.

How Does Someone Join The Oldtimers?

Providing you are 35 or older, to join the Oldtimers you fill in the K-W-Oldtimers-Application-and-Waiver-2023-2024 (Fillable) forms and send along with the appropriate monies to the address shown on the application.  Note – we are not structured to be a ‘learn to play’ league.   We will work with interested new players to assess on a minimum standard for skating ability and game knowledge, important considerations for player safety and enjoyment of the game for all members.

For 2022-23 we are actively recruiting and accepting applications for all of our divisions.  You are welcome to reach out to us via our Contact page or by email directly to our Executive at kwoldtimer@kwoldtimers.ca .


How Do I Determine What Division I Should Play In?

The league will determine what division you should be playing in based on a combination of your age, past and recent experience and level of playing ability.  New players will be interviewed by a member of the executive to assess a good fit for a starting point, and that includes an assessment on skill though usually simply by discussing experience.  We don’t have on-ice evaluations, and if we have the new player in the wrong group, we’ll move him!  Often the new player is placed in our ‘pool’ from where we’re able to better judge a good fit before that player moves in a full time role if that is his goal.   The application form breaks down the divisions by age; A (65+) B (55-65) C (45-60) D (40-55) E (35-45) and because of the overlapping ages it serves well as a starting point.   For example, a very experienced, fit 53 year old may be better positioned in D division, and a 53 year old who is just getting back into organized hockey after some time of only pick-up hockey maybe better positioned in C division.


Can I Play Full-Time Right Away?

In certain circumstances you may be allowed to play full-time right away. If a division is short on full-time players, you may have the opportunity to play full-time and not have to go into the player pool while waiting for an opening.


How Much Does It Cost?

For a Full-Time Player the 22-23 cost is $485 for the season. For a Pool Player the registration fee is $30 and then $12 per game played. Sweaters cost $130 per pair and socks cost $28 for two pair.


What Equipment Do I Have To Have?

The following equipment is mandatory; skates, hockey stick, hockey gloves, elbow pads, shin pads, short hockey pants & socks or full length hockey pants – both with approved protection to be worn, athletic support, helmet (CSA approved only), goalie skates for goalies only, facial protection (CSA approved). Please consult with the official rules of the Kitchener-Waterloo Oldtimers’ for a full description of the mandatory and optional equipment to be worn during games.


What Happens If I Get Hurt During The Season And Can’t Play For The Rest Of The Season?

If you get hurt and cannot finish playing the rest of the season, you will be refunded an amount based on the number of games your team has left to play. There is a policy and procedure in place to cover all situations.


What is a Pool Player?

A pool player is designated to a specific team for usually a one month interval, so you rotate through all the teams in the division. Notice is usually a few days in advance or a few hours. You will be called depending on need, though there is no obligation to say ‘yes’ – play when you can! Sweaters for pool players are supplied by the team captain for each game.

I can claim my league fees as a staff benefit at work.  How can I get a formal receipt?

Submit a request for a receipt to our Treasurer, Rick Shanahan, at rickshan99@gmail.com.   Provide your name and division for reference.  Rick will reply providing a receipt in an email attachment.