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KWO Member Al DeMarco – takes our game to Kenya

KWO Member Al DeMarco – takes our game to Kenya

Al DeMarco, a long time C Division member embarked this month on a hockey journey, to Kenya.  Yes, Kenya – in Africa. Al’s 3 week trip will have the highlight of skating with the men’s national hockey team.   Some of you may have heard this story, but please review the short video below – use the link to Tim Hortons | The Away Game!    You will recognize some faces.


Al had the opportunity before leaving to speak to a few of the team members and their manager, and they were as excited as he was to go there and meet them. He spoke recently to the coach, Tim Colby, who is from Hamilton originally but has lived in Nairobi for 13 years. He has been instrumental, on and off the ice, in helping grow the sport over there. Attached is a presentation that coach prepared to help raise awareness and funding for the program, girls and boys included.


Al would welcome anyone who is inclined to contribute to their campaign and if you do, any amount is welcome.  Ice time is at the top of their expenses followed by equipment, most notably skates and sticks.  They have even told his friend over there that laces are in short supply, so any amount that is donated will be greatly appreciated.  You might note that ALL their hockey happens at the one rink in East Africa – a skating rink at a mall in Nairobi.


The Ice Lions, as the team is known, has a Go Fund Me page at the following link:

Fundraiser by Tim Colby : Kenya Ice Lions Hockey Campaign (gofundme.com)

By supporting the game that we all love in places as unlikely as Kenya, we can help grow the sport beyond the realm of the so-called hockey world.