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KWO Member Update – August 28, 2020

KWO Member Update – August 28, 2020

KWO Member Update – August 28, 2020

KWO Members, over the past three months we’ve followed closely the regional health authorities and the cities’ approach to hockey, and absorbing all that other groups across the country have been planning and doing towards resumption of hockey.   Many of you have likely seen or heard the same information we have seen.  The Executive has held monthly Zoom calls to stay current with whatever we had learned and to use it to plan for what we hope is our next season, however it may look like.  Our meeting last week leads to this message and we hope you forgive us for waiting over the summer until we had some pertinent information to share, much of which we only received last week.   

The short story is that resumption of our hockey league is facing many challenges, but not to the degree that we cannot adapt.  That adaptation will require effort and understanding from all of us, both on the ice and off the ice and we’re confident we can all do it.  Factors influencing a hockey format and feasibility include limits on team/division sizes (50 members per division incl FT and pool and refs, no crossovers), restrictions in local rinks for access and facility use, limits on number of players on a bench (and therefore the ice), possible alterations to the rules of play, and especially the current community prevention measures having to be respected.   You’re welcome to look up Provincial Regulation 364/20, section 8(1) for a sense of the detailed rules that are in place.  The executive will be working with the cities in the coming weeks with hopes that regulations can lighten up a bit through the fall, and that there are no steps backwards in the community in the control of the virus.   We have some ideas about play formats to work within the player number limits, the number of games based on ice availability and a start date.   A key ‘good news’ point – each city will give us our usual season ice for 2021-22 regardless of what we rent this year or when we start to play.  That commitment speaks well to our good relationships with the cities and certainly takes some pressure off.

A key aspect of our planning is asking all returning, and prospective members, to send in a registration as soon as possible.   Let us suggest an initial, but soft, “September 15 cutoff” to get things moving.   We have to know how many guys are interested in playing before we enter into ice time negotiations with the cities and to help us plan everything about a hockey season from scratch.  We do not want any money from members at this point, and we’ll establish fees after we know how many games might comprise a season and what the related ice times costs will be.   Please send in your application soon and if you need a form, download it from our website.   We have over 300 guys signed up already, and we thank that group for doing so.   That said, if by the time we have a firm plan for hockey, any registered returning member who opts-out for personal reasons from playing this season will be welcomed back the next season when we all hope for a return to some normalcy.

We have plans to hold our AGM on Monday September 14.  We have to restrict numbers as you might expect within any room we use and that aspect is still under review . We are working on live-streaming the meeting on some video platform and inviting all members to watch the meeting remotely, or recording such a meeting and making it available somewhere, perhaps even our website thereafter.  Details on that will come in a future note.  Within the AGM we hope to have more details to share with the membership about developments towards a season, though we’ll share news before then if there is a significant development. 

Thank you all for your patience, be safe out there.


Chris Gehan


KW Oldtimers Hockey Club, Inc.


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