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KWO Membership Update

KWO Membership Update

KWO Members, it has been an interesting two months in our community, the province and the country.   While our hockey is surely not top of mind for most of us, the executive talks periodically and we are watching things in planning for the future.   That begins with wrapping up this past season by accounting for our activities and drawing all things to closure within an AGM.  As you know, the planned AGM for June 8 was cancelled, and as of today we have not planned a new date.  That timing will depend on the city/region opening up buildings and the province allowing meetings/groups of a certain size (for us, over 50).    I don’t anticipate any clarity on those points till early June.  Perhaps it will evolve that an AGM will coincide with a meeting to start next season – meaning September. You will know when we know.


Speaking of next season, that could take a number of forms.  Maybe rinks will open on time for hockey in general, maybe there will be a delay, maybe all ice facilities will start up, maybe that number will be restricted by ice demand at least in the early times.   We may have a regular length season, we may have shorter season including the format where it doesn’t start till December, or January.   In any respect we will figure it out, determine how to budget for the new scenario and then we’ll determine fair and reasonable fees for each member.


As to fees – the shortened 19-20 season lessened our expenses and we will decrease the player fees going into next season.  We do not plan on assessing any ‘late’ fees for members as might have been the case if some hard date was set by which time we had to sign up.    Due dates for payment will be adjusted as well, and we also hope that we can introduce a payment schedule option by which members could choose to spread their fees out over a few spaced out payment dates.  We fully understand that personal and family cash flow may be a factor, and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure anyone can return to the ice with the Club.    All of that is tied to the clarity we will eventually get from all levels of government.   We will keep you informed.


At a minimum please send in your registration form for next year by email to Don Herner, but don’t send us a cheque or make an e-transfer.   If you have already paid by cheque, we won’t be cashing it and we’ll look to you for the correct payment in time.  If you have already paid by e-transfer, we’ll surely be refunding some of it to you.  If you need those funds back for the time being, please ask.   We’ll let you know when we want some money and how much we’ll be looking for.   As to payments by e-transfer, that page on our website with the instructions is being updated soon including a new ‘security question’ answer.   When the time comes, please look at the site to follow those instructions.   Truly, as we go forward we will prefer that e-transfers be used over cheques, please consider that method.

The most important aspect of all our planning is ‘safety’ for our members.  Many of us will have some hesitancy right now about the idea of being in a close quarters room with 13 other guys, on a bench, and on the ice, let alone the idea of having a personal water bottle or face towel on the bench that could be an inadvertent touch point for exposure.  (Times surely have changed)   We simply don’t know yet what the health recommendations or rules will be for sports like ours, and I hope that becomes a topic of discussion at all levels in the coming months.   It puts much more onus on each of us to be personally aware of health and safety rules, including the new basic of being respectful to our peers by not showing up at the rink with any symptoms that might be a COVID condition, let alone some other virus like the regular flu or cold.   In the end, signing up will be a personal decision by each of us and we’ll respect all decisions.  Let’s watch, be aware and see how things evolve but mostly, stay safe and be healthy.


On that point of health in a broader sense, here’s a good story.   The Board has very recently approved donations to each of the Region’s hospitals with an expressed request that the funds ($10000 split equally) be used for Personal Protective Equipment at each hospitals.   We truly are part of the solution in our community and we should all feel some pride for having helped the Club in its fundraising efforts over the years.   We’ll put a dedicated “news” story on this point on the website soon too.


Updates on all subjects will follow.  For now, be careful out there, and be positive.





Thanks, guys, be safe out there.





Chris Gehan


KW Oldtimers Hockey Club, Inc.