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Pool Players

The K-W Oldtimers league uses ‘pool players’ to supplement its full time player ranks. As is often the case, when full-time players are unable to attend a game the team captains at each divisional level will call players from their pool to fill in. These pool players are generally shared between teams within a division, often rotating as smaller sets between teams during the season which gives players an opportunity to meet more members.

Our teams average 2 games per week between Sunday and Thursday during our season. There are times when a team captain may book a pool player for a game as much as a week in advance such as in case where the player has told his captain he has another commitment. In other instances, captains may get last minute calls that a full-time player will not make a game and the captain then needs to scramble before game time to find a replacement out of the pool. Hence the value of providing alternative contact information with your application.

After the $30 registration fee, the cost to play out of the pool is $12.00 per game, team sweaters are provided by your captain at the game. However you can buy your own sweaters and socks if you intend to commit to the league for the long term either as a pool player or with aspirations to be available for a full time slot. For more information about the league and playing in our pool, please contact kwoldtimers@kwoldtimers.com and one of the league Executive or a division convener will contact you in reply.