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Sports Alliances in Waterloo Region

Hello all KW Oldtimers Hockey  players, referees, and support personnel,


Life is starting to return to some normalcy but there are many organizations and leagues, just like KWO, that are experiencing reduced participation due to Covid.    In the interests of mutual support and promotion, KWO has formed an alliance with the Cambridge Mens Slo-Pitch league.    We are promoting their league to our membership and, in the fall, they will promote our league to their membership.

Below is some basic information about their Slo-Pitch league and we hope you’ll read it and consider joining.    Please also share this email with anyone else that might have some interest.

Whether you play softball or not, the KWO Executive hopes each of you have a safe and enjoyable summer.   We hope to see everyone back next season. 



The Executive.


CAMBRIDGE MEN’S SLO-PITCH (Over 35 and Open Age divisions available)


Spots available for new teams and individuals for both divisions

– Our games occur 6:30-8:30 pm and 8:30-10:30pm Mon, Tue, Wed, & Thu

– They generally occur on Kin 2 in Riverside Park, some will be on Savage Field, also in Riverside Park and (depending on how many teams we have) the rest would be on the two Lions diamonds in Can Amera Park (all of the above diamonds are in Cambridge).

– Teams play two, 9 inning games every week from the start of May through the end of August, we then have a full (best of 3 or 5 depending on number of teams) playoff bracket in September. This generally works out to 25-30 reg season games, plus playoffs

– We have two leagues operating jointly, one is an over 35 league (with 4 players per team allowed to be between 30-34) and the other is an open age league.

– Costs are expected to be approximately $1200 per team. Cost for individuals seeking to join an existing team will depend on the team and any sponsorships they may have.


**Covid Factor: The past 2 years the province had the diamonds locked down and all sports prohibited from May through July, so we had to improvise and played all of August until mid October without a playoffs, to give teams as many games as possible in the shortened season. We wound up getting around 6 teams each season who felt comfortable enough to get out and play through the virus warnings. Last year we did this for $600 per team, because the season was cut short. Even at that, we got in 20-22 games each.
Interested teams and individuals can contact us via email at cambridgeslopitch@hotmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CambridgeSlopitch

League Website: https://www.hometeamsonline.com/CAMBRIDGEOLDTIMERS